Slackware eMMC and SD image for Firefly-RK3399

  04 июн 2018 21:59:25


This SoC and the platform is interesting with its powerful AArch64 processor and a variety of interfaces, it will probably be possible to replace the classic x86_64 PC with this platform

build scripts

legacy kernel

  • image update to the current version of the rootfs 05 Nov 17
  • kernel version 4.4.93

download files


how to

installation on a sdcard

Unpack the IMAGE file and record by running the following on the SD card
( /dev/mmcblk0 = your sd card device ):

dd bs=1M if=filename.img of=/dev/mmcblk0

installation on a eMMC

  • download all files
  • download rkdeveloptool
  • place the board in Loader Mode.
    it can be done level the command in loaded system firefly:
  • dd=/dev/zero of=/dev/mmcblk1 bs=32767 count=1
  • restart the board, it automatically goes into MaskRom
  • execute:
    sudo ./rkdeveloptool db rk3399_loader_v1.08.106.bin
    sudo ./rkdeveloptool wl 0x40 idbloader.img
    sudo ./rkdeveloptool wl 0x4000 uboot.img
    sudo ./rkdeveloptool wl 0x6000 trust.img
  • to transfer a system with the SD to eMMC, you need to boot from the start and run the script:

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